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Haven Medical has re-engineered the All New Cox8® Instrument from top to bottom and from the inside out to be far more than a mere "chiropractic table." This is a transformation piece that will elevate your practice 
by helping you produce better patient outcomes, 

The Cox8® is the only instrument to be certified by Dr. James Cox to perform all of the Cox® Technic’s proven, evidence-based protocols. No other instrument comes with such a pedigree or gives you 
such prestige and credibility with your patients.

Precision Movements are Kinder to 
Patients and Can Prolong Your Career

The precise, intuitive movement of the Cox8® does most of the work for you, while the advanced ergonomic design of the table and the hands-on nature of the Cox® Technic combine to create an experience that’s physically easier on the doctor and proven effective for the patient. Other chiropractic techniques may be practiced on the table as well with the same ease of use and ergonomic comfort.

Obtain Instant Credibility With The 
 Technic 57 Year Reputation 

Offer The Cox® Technic and instantly gain an enhanced reputation as a leading back pain specialist in your community among doctors and patients alike who are seeking your expertise in treating difficult, often-considered "un-treatable" back pain and neck pain conditions with less invasion, highly effective protocols.

Discover increased efficacy as you employ proven protocols on a precision instrument backed by 
research-documented clinical outcomes for disc herniation, spinal stenosis, facet syndrome, spondylolisthesis, radiculopathy, sciatica and 
minor back pain and neck pain.

Clinical Research, Documentation, Proven Protocols Come Standard

Imagine the satisfaction you'll enjoy by gaining a reputation as the "Doctor Who Adjusts Un-adjustable Patients"... those who cannot be cavitated and those with radicular disc herniation, degenerative disc, stenosis, and other conditions, as well as those who want and need gentler, safer spinal manipulation.

Become The Go-To Doctor Known to "Adjust the Un-Adjustable"

Take a Video Test Drive With Dr. James Cox

Post Graduate Cox® Technic Certification Included

When you move up to a Cox8® Table, you'll have the opportunity to attend  Post Graduate Level Cox® Technic and the non-surgical system of back pain care with Dr. James Cox at no additional cost!

You'll enjoy personal attention from Dr. Cox and get hands-on “drive time” using the The Cox8®  Table, the only instrument supported by over 57 years of Dr. Cox's pioneering clinical research, government funded studies, evidence-based protocols, documentation, and proven-effective application.

Also, when you complete Cox®  Technic Certification, you’ll be eligible to display a Certificate from National University of Health Sciences Post-Graduate Division.

"The Cox table is far superior to any other table that I have used. Using the best instrument, and providing the best care possible for my patients is the best marketing practice I can have. I really love the cervical headpiece. There is nothing on the market that allows you to manipulate a cervical spine in such a controlled fashion. It is the best investment your practice can make."

Dr. George Joachim
Aaron Chiropractic Clinic
Fort Wayne, IN

"The Cox8 is the best chiropractic table, bar none. This table gives you the joy of treating those difficult cases that you used to wish didn’t come in. The Cox8 allows me to see the 25% of the back problems that are 95% of the cost... I also like the quality construction and immediate help if I any issues. I love hearing the staff answer the phone and the patient emphasizes they want that “special table!” Now the staff tells them that is all we have, not to worry."

Dr. Kurt Olding
Minster Chiropractic Center
Minster, OH

"I’ve had several flexion distraction tables in the past and broke 3 of them in half. The Cox Table has proved to be reliable and sturdy, built to last a lifetime. The axial auto distraction is a great feature, so too is the smooth cervical section. The vertical height adjustment is great for different patient sizes. The Cox Table is a 10 out of 10. If you are going to practice the Cox Technic, you need to invest in the Cox Table."

Dr. Dean Greenwood
Vancouver Spine Care Center
Vancouver, Canada

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If you're not ready, or don't want to treat cervical cases, this is a great option to own the Legendary Haven Medical Cox8® at significant savings. All the perfection of it's Big Brother but without the Patented, Universal-Axis Cervical Head Piece.

The Haven Medical Cox8® 
With Fixed Head Piece

Four Models to Fit Every Practice, and Every Budget

The Haven Medical Cox8®
Standard Base

For doctors who refuse to be 'Average" and want happier patients... endless referrals... and more income. The Cox8 lets you "Adjust the un-adjustable" patients... Performs like a Swiss watch and Is built to lasts 3 lifetimes. Enough said.

The Haven Medical Cox8®
Low Base Model

The Haven Medical Force Table

We took our  Flagship Instrument and added sophisticated internal sensors that provide precise visual feedback on force applied, giving you the ability to show your patients their progress during treatment and over time.

The Cox8 Low Base lowers to 20" for easy placement which accommodates patients with special limitations or needs, and also helps doctors perform in comfort and put less wear and tear on their bodies.