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"Post Graduate* Cox® Technic Certification Will Make You a Better, More Respected Doctor With Better Clinical Outcomes"

MRI Proves Positives Results

"On the first MRI study of the lumbar spine performed 6-3-10, the size of the right L5-S1 lateral epidural space heterogenous soft tissue mass measured 150 sq mm. On a follow-up MRI study of the L5-S1 level on 7-9-10 revealed mild interval decrease in size of the previously seen heterogenous soft tisssue mass in the right lateral epidural space to 120 sq mm with decrease in the deformation of the right lateral thecal sac.  

This reports a 20% reduction of the size of the herniated disc in a 36 day treatment period. Literature shows varying reports of the degree of disc reduction size in pre and post MRI studies of successfully treated lumbar disc herniation cases. The reductions range from zero to 100% reduction with some cases even showing increased size of the disc herniation in patients relieved of radicular pain. Authors have stated there is little correlation of the size of disc herniation to patient symptoms and the majority of asymptomatic people will show disc herniation on MRI study."

Patients Appreciate Cox Technic Education

"My patients come to me for Cox Technic because of the advanced training that is offered through the Cox Certification.  They know that they are getting the best that Chiropractic can offer when they see a Cox certified physician.  Certification, seminar attendance, Cox monthly pearls, writing case reports and networking with other, successful Cox physicians keeps me on the leading edge of the non-surgical management of disc herniation, disc degeneration, scoliosis, and spinal stenosis."

~ Dr. Dean Greenwood

"A Blessing..."

"Cox Technic is the most celebrated technique of choice by my patients in my practice.  It's safe enough to treat from teenage to elderly patients and effective enough to manage failed back surgery syndrome.  I pride myself on resolving spinal conditions that my fellow peers and/or medical physicians throw their hands up at, and Cox Technic blesses me with the tools to handle such tough cases!  Cox technic is truthly a blessing for my life's work."           

~ Gerald O. Bell, DC

No More Referring Complicated Patients Out!

"I was tired of referring patients with complicated spinal conditions for pain management or surgery.  Becoming certified Cox Technic has helped me “level the playing field”. Cox Technic certification has prepared me to be very competitive in the disc decompression arena and allows me to treat patients with a variety of disc conditions. Cox Technic certification has trained me to effectively treat patients with spinal stenosis, herniated cervical and lumbar discs and degenerative disc disease which opens up a large source of new patients."

Successfully Treat Stenosis with Cox

"Patients with degenerative disc disease (spinal stenosis) need a conservative treatment choice for their condition.  Cox Technic technic effectively fills this void."

~ Dr. Ted Siciliano, DC

  Cox Opens Medical Doors

"When the Orthopaedic Dept. at the Medical College of Georgia decided to add Chiropractic to its Dept. I presented the Cox Technic to them. Because of the research, results and the gentle type of  manipulation that  is this technique, the Chief of Orthopaedic surgery was impressed. We are now using flexion-distraction decompression, administered by a Doctor of Chiropractic, in the Orthopaedic Dept. at MCG for the first time in history!"    

~ Dr. K.F.Lombardy  Assistant Clinical Professor, Department of Orthopaedics, Medical College of Georgia

  Get Referrals from Medical Groups

"Doors have been opened for patient referrals from medical groups. Explanation of treatment to other providers, the flexion-distraction research findings provided and explaining set treatment protocols for conditions have driven this exchange."

~ Dr. Brandt

  Builds Reputation with Medical Commumity

"An  excellent, extremely effective, well researched Chiropractic technique that I can explain to and is readily accepted by the the medical community which fosters referrals and encourages the co-management of difficult cases. Cox Flexion-Distraction makes the everyday cases a breeze."

~ Ronald G Manoni, DC

   Patients Don't Like to be "Cracked"

"Cox Manipulation effectively treats neck and back pain without 'cracking' the spine. Plus, local doctors refer their disc patients to me because they know I won't 'pop' the neck and back, but instead use a gentle and well-researched manipulation procedure." 

~ Dr. Ralph Kruse

   Internet Search & Doctor Consult Directs Patient to Cox Technic

I heard this from a new patient just today:

"I've investigated on the internet and asked my doctor what is best for my spinal condition and feel that Cox flexion decompression is the right technic for me".

~ Dr. Richard Hunter

   Cox System of Protocols Produces Results

"Using the Cox protocol is a safe and effective way to provide consistent positive results. Diagnose correctly, treat correctly, and get the results everyone wants."

~ Dr. Richard Clancy

   Conservative Treatment Draws Patients

"My patients come to me for Cox Technic because...they know I have been able to give them great conservative treatment results for their disc problem when other practitioners have failed."

~ Larry F Widmer, DC, DACO

   Cox Technic Accepted In Multi-Disciplinary Group

"Cox Technic Flexion-Distraction and Decompression is effective for the tough conditions like stenosis and disc herniation and disc degeneration

I was treating a local orthopedic surgeon ulilizing the Cox Technic. He saw the value and after explainig the research outcomes I was invited to speak to the other orthopedists in the practice. They asked me to join their Orthopedic Practice.  After 28 years as a sole practicioner, I am now in a true professional multi-disciplinary group where patient care is foremost.  Cox Technic protocols are utilized everyday in this practice with great results."

~ Stephen Y. Fullmer DC

   Cox Technic for Difficult Spinal Disorders

"The Cox Technic allows me to confidently treat a variety of difficult spinal disorders, supported by peer reviewed scientific research, with excellent results." 

- Dr. John Cipriani

Cox Technic Relieves Pain When other Care Doesn't

"I have found that for back pain patients ...

It seems that no matter what is wrong with your back causing pain, Cox Flexion/Distraction will mechanically take the pain away! Even if you stop coming and the pain returns, Cox Flexion/Distraction will work again to relieve the pain. Nothing seems to work more immediately to lessen and relieve back pain than Cox Flexion/Distraction. Many patients scheduled for surgery have cancelled and never had the surgery following treatment by Cox Flexion/Distraction. Patients have been to orthopedists, neurologists, and rheumatologist, and only finally got pain relief with Cox Flexion/Distraction." 

~ Dr. Mike Lebel

           Cox Technic Research & Clinical Outcomes Impress Patients and Medical Colleagues

"Here is a recent patient conversation I had. This patient was sent just the other week to me by a pain management practice.

The patient has had pain for ten plus years, has had injections, had two knee replacements, and is in chronic pain in her lumbar spine with degenerative arthritis causing stenosis and both central canal and foraminal diffuse. On her first visit we did the exam and shared the report of findings with her. I explained what was wrong with her based on her exam and radiology and laid out the treatment plan of what we were going to do with The Cox Table and why The Cox Table was necessary as well as the exercise she needed.

 The patient had a confused look on her face, and I asked if she understood. She looked at me and said "that makes sense with what I have been feeling." She went on to say that it is the opposite of what everyone else, the PTs and other physicians, have explained to her. She also stated that she went to PT, and it made her worse so she quit. 

I have started her on the Cox Protocol One and proper exercise. She is surprised at how well she is doing, and I think a little irritated at her other healthcare providers. She has told me that I need to get the word out about what we are doing more because she is not the only one in her position. I recommended she talk with her pain management physician, and she said she will be calling the pain management doctor and recommending that the pain management doctor send everyone she has to me for care. This quite kind.

 The Cox method makes this type of care and clinical result possible where no other technique is able to produce these results with this level of contition. The reason the pain management group started referring in the first place is the lecture for doctors that you [Cox Technic Resource Center] put together. I presented it to the four doctors and 2 nurse practitioners. They were all impressed that this type of care was available and with the research that is behind this technique. Also it makes sense to them. They appreciate the fact that we are offering an alternative for patients whot have nowhere else to go. High velocity-low amplitude [HVLA] adjusting is often contraindicated in their patient population, and they like that we understand this and can do something about it that WORKS."

 ~ Shay W. Corbin D.C.


Education Reviews


Questions? Call  Amanda:

"Far Superior"

"The Cox table is far superior to any other table that I have used. Using the best instrument, and providing the best care possible for my patients is the best marketing practice I can have. I really love the cervical headpiece. There is nothing on the market that allows you to manipulate a cervical spine in such a controlled fashion. It is the best investment your practice can make."

Dr. George Joachim
Aaron Chiropractic Clinic
Fort Wayne, IN

"Best Table, Bar None!"

"The Cox8 is the best chiropractic table, bar none. This table gives you the joy of treating those difficult cases that you used to wish didn’t come in. Young docs at the seminars always worry about the "cost" of this table but they don’t realize the number of patients who will migrate to your office because of it. There is such a large population of patients who have had a bad experience with conventional manipulation and are looking for something different.

The Cox8 allows me to see the 25% of the back problems that are 95% of the cost. I sleep well at night knowing that using this table with Dr. Cox’s protocols will help people safely! I also like the quality construction and immediate help if I ever have any issues.

I love hearing the staff answer the phone and the patient emphasizes they want that “special table!” Now the staff tells them that is all we have, not to worry!"

Dr. Kurt Olding
Minster Chiropractic Center
Minster, OH

"A 10 Out of 10"

"I’ve had several flexion distraction tables in the past and broke 3 of them in half. The Cox Table has proved to be reliable and sturdy, built to last a lifetime. The axial auto distraction is a great feature, so too is the smooth cervical section. The vertical height adjustment is great for different patient sizes. The Cox Table is a 10 out of 10. If you are going to practice the Cox Technic, you need to invest in the Cox Table.

By the way: I separated my shoulder surfing, but the Cox Technic allowed me to continue to practice while I rehabbed the shoulder. The Cox Table makes it much easier on the doctor as we age!

Dr. Dean Greenwood.
Vancouver Spine Care Center
Vancouver, Canada

"Seamless Garment"

Dear Dr. Cox,

Your recent multi-disciplinary conference at Lutheran Hospital in Fort Wayne exceeded my expectations, which are always high for your seminars. This particular Part Three recertification seminar ranks as one of the most important and useful of my 26 year chiropractic career, mainly because of your ability to weave a "seamless garment" of clinical practice management based on reality rather than hypothesis testing or experimenting on each patient.

I use the term "seamless garment" because my confidence begins with the initial history and exam of the patient, continues through imaging, analysis and diagnosis and, most importantly, is fulfilled when the patient experiences the powerful simplicity and ease of correcting disabling problems on the Cox Table.

Thank you for your continued successful focus on "routinizing" these most difficult clinical cases. I look forward to future conferences and developments.

Yours Truly, 
David J. Grossi, D.C.   

"You Need a Cox Table... WOW!"

"Over the years, Dr. Cox became a good friend through our common love of radiology and through our conversations at annual meetings of the American Chiropractic College of Radiology and the Council of Diagnostic Imaging. Ever the prolific researcher, he would present his team’s latest findings at these meetings and “Wow” the audience in the process. I should say, these are tough audiences to “wow”.

I just can’t thank Dr. Cox and his research team enough for their excellent work and for developing science based equipment and techniques that allow me to achieve the desired result: happy, well patients who tell all their friends! Oh yes, we’re busier. If you have patients with sciatica, facet syndrome, stenosis, spondyloarthopathy or any of a host of other ailments associated with injury or degenerative change, you need a Cox Table. Wow!"

D.W., DC
(From seminar evaluation sheet)

A Patient's Point of View

Dear Dr. Unruh

What a revolution in chiropractic care are these new Cox tables! I couldn't imagine you had adjusted both hips with no "crunching"...I have always worried that I was going to wear my chiropractor out before his time; but with the help of these new tables, hopefully we can both gracefully grow old together!


"Reliable Results"

My patients tell me how much they love this Cox Table every day. To get such reliable results over and over again has been a blessing ever since first learning Cox Technic, at National University of Health Sciences, Dr. Cox alma mater, 25 years ago.

Gary Guest, D.C


"WE’VE BEEN SO BUSY SINCE FT. WAYNE! The new Cox8 Table is amazing!! What an incredible instrument. We love it, but more importantly, the patients love it. It’s more than you even made it out to be. Dr. Cox's seminar was life changing. Thank you so much, and all involved. What a great technique to teach and the research is so impressive! Thanks a million."

Dr. Sandra Conard

Keiser University   |   National University of Health Sciences   |   Liberty  University   |   Life University   |   Parker University 
Logan University   |   Balgrist University Hospital
VA Of Pittsburg   |   VA of Indianapolis   |   VA of Chicago   |   Scotts AFB

Cox® Technic Post Grad Certification Recognized 
by National University of Health Sciences

There's a huge myth in the chiropractic profession. According to National Board of Chiropractic Examiners, some 64% of chiropractors surveyed claim to use the Cox® Technic in their practice.  What they mean is, they use "some" form of flexion distraction, which was DEVELOPED by Dr. James Cox in the early 1960's. The truth is, only about 4% of chiropractors have undergone Certification Training in The Cox® Technic by Dr. James Cox. 

And the difference between a Certified Cox® Technic Doctor and a non-certified one are world's apart (just ask their patients.)

If being merely a "good" doctor is no longer acceptable, and you have a passion to become one of the top doctors in the country, generating the respect -- and income -- you deserve, we can help you get there. Guaranteed.

Who Else Wants to Be The "Smartest Doctor In The Room... Separate Yourself From the Crowd... Elevate Your Practice... Produce Better Patient Outcomes and Earn More Money?

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Education, Equipment, Experience Mean Better Clinical Outcomes and More Referrals, By Design

The Unequalled Cox8®  Instrument by Haven Medical
For Doctors Who Refuse to Be Average!

Used in America's Leading Institutions

The Haven Medical Cox8®
Standard Base

For doctors who refuse to be 'Average" and want happier patients... endless referrals... and more income. The Cox8 lets you "Adjust the un-adjustable" patients... Performs like a Swiss watch and Is built to lasts 3 lifetimes. Enough said.

The Haven Medical Cox8®
Low Base Model

The Haven Medical Force Table

We took our  Flagship Instrument and added sophisticated internal sensors that provide precise visual feedback on force applied, giving you the ability to show your patients their progress during treatment and over time.

The Cox8 Low Base lowers to 20" for easy placement which accommodates patients with special limitations or needs, and also helps doctors perform in comfort and put less wear and tear on their bodies.

Three Models to Fit Every Practice

*CE Credit applied for by:
National University of Health Sciences
Lincoln College of Postprofessional, Graduate and Continuing Education
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