No other medical instrument takes the abuse of a chiropractic table. That’s why we spared no expense in “over-building” the Cox8®  to last 3 lifetimes!

Long Y-axis spine traction – Manual or Automated: Manual Long Y-axis allows you to determine if the patient can tolerate automated traction.  Clinical significance of Long Y axis to the patient is a reduction in the intradiscal pressure that is responsible for the patient’s pain.

Long Y-axis cervical, thoracic, and lumbar spine traction allows for manipulation of the spine in a neutral position.

Cervical distraction with simple, comfortable restraint strap to hold occiput – smooth, free-floating unit (patent no. 6,638,299) Sooth and calm patient’s nervous system who do not want their necks cracked with safe, gentle and effective cervical manipulation without extension and rotation germane to diversified adjusting.

Cervical cushions – eye cut-outs for comfort: 3” hi-tech memory foam comforts and relaxes the patient.

Unassisted intermittent long Y-axis traction with adjustable time and depth – allowing for extra unattended service: Experience excellent clinical improvements and additional revenue for your office with spinal decompression necessary to decrease intradiscal pressure and decrease compressive forces on the facet joints. This treatment is medically useful for disc pathology, facet syndromes, and segmental 
dysfunctions of the spine.

Specially designed adjustable cervical cushions for breathing ease and nose comfort. Patient’s head and neck are in a safer, more comfortable position, allowing them to relax and not have to shift around during treatment.

Dual elevation controls: finger buttons & foot switch: Easier for you to adjust table to a precise, comfortable position, placing less stress on the your back.

Comfort cushioned grips on handles provide better ergonomic comfort and control during treatment.

Ranges of motion for cervical, thoracic, and lumbar distraction –  flexion, extension, lateral flexion, circumduction, rotation (cervical). It is all about movement and the restoration of function.  The table allows doctors who use motion palpation to easily gauge joint restrictions.  Manipulations are easy for both doctor and patient.  

Side-lying technique application ability:  When old fashion adjustments are needed, the width and ability of the table to be lowered is ideal for side posture adjustments. The new low base model is also much easier to apply different adjusting techniques.

Safety stop on arm rest for patient control: Patients can relax, feel safer and more confident knowing they have control, improving treatment outcomes.

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If you need a table, go to a furniture store. If you're looking for a high performance, quality-made medical instrument, consider Haven Medical. We instist on building intruments that are bullet proof, reliable, and better engineered than any other product on the market.

Our team of engineers and designers have well over 100 years of combined experience in automotive design, manufacturing, safety and engineering, and we hold over 30 U.S. Patents.

Everything that goes into a Haven Medical table is a unique, one of a kind product, part, system or assembly. Nothing here is mass-produced.

We machine every critical component that goes into a Cox8® table in-house. Each part passes through several phases of tooling and undergoes multiple inspections before it is approved for installation into your table, where there are numerous more inspections during and after final assembly and testing.

Nothing leaves our facility unless it’s perfect, because we know you expect and deserve nothing less.

When we say a Haven Medical Cox8® is “Over-Built to Last 3 Lifetimes” we mean it.

Haven Medical, LLC  is an FDA Registered Medical Device Manufacturer dedicated to producing the most reliable, highly engineered, well built and longest lasting chiropractic tables in the world.

Doctors Say There's No Other Instrument Like It

"The Cox table is far superior to any other table that I have used. Using the best instrument, and providing the best care possible for my patients is the best marketing practice I can have. I really love the cervical headpiece. There is nothing on the market that allows you to manipulate a cervical spine in such a controlled fashion. It is the best investment your 
practice can make."

Dr. George Joachim
Aaron Chiropractic Clinic
Fort Wayne, IN

"Far Superior"

"The Cox8 is the best chiropractic table, bar none. This table gives you the joy of treating those difficult cases that you used to wish didn’t come in. The Cox8 allows me to see the 25% of the back problems that are 95% of the cost... I also like the quality construction and immediate help if I any issues. I love hearing the staff answer the phone and the patient emphasizes they want that “special table!” Now the staff tells them that is all we have, not to worry."

Dr. Kurt Olding
Minster Chiropractic Center
Minster, OH

"The Best, Bar None"

"I’ve had several flexion distraction tables in the past and broke 3 of them in half. The Cox Table has proved to be reliable and sturdy, built to last a lifetime. The axial auto distraction is a great feature, so too is the smooth cervical section. The vertical height adjustment is great for different patient sizes. The Cox Table is a 10 out of 10. If you are going to practice the Cox Technic, you need to invest in the 
Cox Table."

Dr. Dean Greenwood
Vancouver Spine Care Center
Vancouver, Canada

"10 Out of 10"

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"If You Can Find a Better Built Instrument, BUY IT!"

Patented Design to Improve Treatment Outcomes and
Put Less Wear and Tear on Your Body

Anatomy of a Proven Performance Instrument

Why a Haven Medical Instrument Is The LAST Chiropractic Table You'll Ever Own

Patented, Revolutionary 
4-Axis Cervical Head Piece:  Most patients don't want their necks “cracked.”  Now you can offer a gentler solution and treat cervical conditions without referring them out. 

More Treatment Options: Using Proven, Established Protocols Opens Doors to Medical Community. 

“UNREAL” Performance: 
All movements are whisper-quiet and smooth as glass. No jerking, skipping or chattering like inferior tables. Doctors “FEEL” better control: Treatments are more precise, patients feel relaxed and comfortable, creating better outcomes (& more referrals). 

Enhanced Professional Image: Using such a high-quality, precision instrument sets you apart and leaves a positive, lasting impression on your patients who will gladly refer you to their friends and family!

Patented, Revolutionary 
4-Axis Cervical Head Piece

.375" Solid Steel Main Section. 500lb Patient Lifting Capacity

Whisper Quiet, Smooth as Glass Slide Mechanisms and Disc Brake Borrowed From The Auto Industry!

So Comfortable... So Easy... So Enjoyable to Operate

Standard Base Shown. Also availble in Low Base Model

Peek Inside The All-New Haven Medical Cox8® and You'll Find...

Main support structure build like a tank: Literally 
.5” steel top plate - thicker than armored vehicle platingWill never warp, crack or break. Ever. Guaranteed.

Center support structure made with .25" and .375" hardened steel ensures table remains solid, precise and in balance.

Virtually indestructible steel main structure strong enough to survive a nuclear blast. When we say you'll never have to replace a Haven Medical instrument we’re not kidding!

Ultra-smooth slide mechanisms use industrial grade linear bearings designed to last over ONE MILLION cycles! (We don’t use common drawer slides you can buy at Home Depot).

Position sensors which control and monitor the movement
of the table are rated for 50 MILLION cycles!

User friendly tiller bar controls eliminates bending to operate the table, saving the operator’s back from strain and fatigue.

Swiss made lift actuators (sourced from a Swiss wind turbine manufacturer) are whisper quiet, smooth as glass and rated for 800 lbs lifting capacity.

Performance-designed caudal section uses disc brake system borrowed from the auto industry to ensure safe stopping power for even the heaviest patient.

Industrial gauge hi-flex wiring is designed to move easier and last a lifetime.

3" Hi-Tech Memory Foam cushions dressed in high durability vinyl are rated for 250,000 wear (rub) cycles… 5X the durability rating of average tables!

Every instrument is hand crafted using over 75 individual, custom billet machined parts. Billeted components are stronger and offer a higher degree of precision than cast parts found on other tables.

All critical components are machined in-house by highly trained CNC operators and inspected to within 0.0015". We don't use "off the shelf" parts or cheap components imported from China.

The Cox8® is used at America's leading chiropractic universities

A Precision-Build Chiropractic Instrument So 
Advanced It Does Most of The Work For You... 
and Can Make You a Better Doctor!

Dr. James Cox's 60+ Years of Pioneering Research has gone into bringing you...


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Purchase a New Cox8® and Receive Cox® Technic Certification Parts I&II at No Cost!
(Already certified? We'll reimburse your tuition!)

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Purchase a New Cox8® and Receive Cox® Technic Certification Parts I&II at No Cost!
(Already certified? We'll reimburse your tuition!)

Contact Us

Purchase a New Cox8® and Receive Cox® Technic Certification Parts I&II at No Cost!
(Already certified? We'll reimburse your tuition!)

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